Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine’s centerpieces

Well I am in charge of decorations for our ward party tonight. These are the centerpieces that I made. I thought they were so cute that I had to share.

Wyatte’s Room

As you can see I’m not that great at constantly updating my blog. It takes me awhile but I eventually get the pictures up. A few weeks ago we got Wyatte this new bed and dresser. It is too cute! The dresser is the cutest part; the picture hardly does it justice.

The Draper Temple

Tuesday night we took the kids to the Draper Temple open house.

The temple is beautiful, of course, I would recommend checking it out if you haven't.

Super Bowl Sunday

So who needs parties with chips, drinks, and hot dogs? Mike was outside washing his windows so I convinced Jeremy that he should do ours. In the end they ended helping each other out. We can see out our windows now!!!

Playhouse Disney

Last Saturday we took Wy to Playhouse Disney live. He had a lot of fun. They had Handdy Manny, My friends Tigger & Pooh, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Little Einsteins.